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18th Feb, 2020

Steps to get admission in german university after graduation

If you have recently finished your graduation and you are aspiring to study abroad, there's no better option than Germany. You might be wondering why Germany? Well, there are several reasons for that; the first being most of the universities provide free education, the courses are taught in English. In Germany, students can do part-time jobs along with their studies, Germany is one of the safest countries in the whole Europe, Germany has a very well structured education system, it is the nation with least unemployed graduates. German universities have produced some of the most revolutionary scientists and scholars of all time. Great scientists like Einstein, Plank, Bohr and numerous other prominent scholars are products of German universities. Therefore no one can undermine the German education system. All these reasons make German a paradise for students. To make your application process easier and to help you get admission to a German university, we have compiled a list of steps below

1.Choose a University and Programme:

There are lots of universities in Germany. First and foremost step is to find the university that suits you the best. You can research on the internet. Another way to find the best university for yourself is to talk to a consultant who sends students to study abroad. Find the university in which courses are English taught so that you are comfortable. You can also use QS World University Ranking by Subject to find the top German University in your field. After finding the university you must choose the right programme for yourself. Choose the study programme of your field which matches with your plans and about which you are passionate. Think about the programme that you want to choose at least 3 months before applying. This will help to clear all your doubts and be exactly sure of what you want.

2.Check the eligibility criteria:

Now that you have chosen a university and programme to enrol in, you must check the eligibility criteria. Check whether your current qualifications meet the requirements of the university. To study in Germany you must have a recognized HZB (Hoch-schulzugangsberechtigung) which means 'Higher education entrance qualification.' International students also need to have done German language courses that are A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1. And if your course is taught in English, you need to pass tests like IELTS OR TOEFL. Most importantly, for master's, you need a bachelor's degree that is recognized by German Universities.

3.Financial Resources

To get your student visa, you need to prove that you have ample financial resources to live and study in Germany. Even though there are no tuition fees in most of the German Universities, but the authorities still want to be sure of the fact that the student has enough financial means to provide for himself throughout his stay. Therefore an international student must possess a minimum of around €10,300 which is estimated to be enough to cover the cost of living and study for the first year. The mentioned amount needs to be deposited into a German blocked bank account. Don't worry if you don't have the financial means right now, there are many scholarships available for students who want to study in Germany. Also, you can get financial assistance from Study Free Consultancy Kolkata. We will give you full financial support and smoothen the admission process for you.

4.Apply for Admission:

Now that you have checked the whole criteria and financial requirements. It's time to apply for admission. The application process can be carried out online, but some university receives application only in person or by post. You can contact Study free Consultancy to know exactly how you have to submit your application.


The final step to officially become a student of a German University is to enrol in the course for which you have been admitted. This process is important because before enrollment you are just a student that has been selected for a specific programme but after enrollment, you are a registered student in Germany.

To make this process whole lot easier and convenient for you contact Free Study Consultancy.
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Steps to get admission in a German University after graduation

Posted on February 18,2020